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As a firm we help client interpret the law, analyze their rights, lay strategies and aid them through the complicated immigration services. We brief clients on the process and inform them of the preliminary documents that they need to obtain. We guide them throughout the entire process and help them fill out forms and review these for errors before sending these to immigration authorities.

For Nigerians wishing to travel to the United Kingdom whom have applied for visa and have been denied same, we represent them at the Appeal Panel in the United Kingdom and Nigeria and have vast experience in handling such matter. We help foreigners wishing to do business in Nigeria obtain expatriate quota, residential permit and business permit from the Nigerian Immigration Service. We also offer advice on tax holidays.

Other services we undertake on behalf of local and foreign clients doing business internationally include:

 1. Business Permit: An operational and permanent permit for the local operation of a business with expatriate investment either as a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company or otherwise country. We can assist your Company in obtaining business permit.

2. Expatriate Quota: The permission given to a business to employ foreigners. The number of the quota depends on the share capital of the company and a minimum share capital of Ten Million Naira is necessary for a company to qualify for expatriate quota.

3. Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card: This registration permits an expatriate to live and work in Nigeria on a long-term basis. For an expatriate to obtain Resident permit, he must obtain employment with a company that has expatriate quota position. Such a person will be expected to come into the country with a special type of entry visa know as STR (Subject To Regularization) visa after which his resident permit will be processed.

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