• Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Commercial & Finance
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Governance, Due diligence and Compliance Practice


Dispute Resolution Practice

In the fast-paced and time sensitive commercial environment within which business is now conducted, breakdowns in contractual obligations and the defaults that follow, can lead to enterprise-crippling penalty fees and liabilities.

It is always our aim to obtain a commercially favorable settlement as an alternative to litigation and our firm succeeds at settling a good percentage of cases before trial on terms favorable and acceptable to our clients.

However, in a number of cases the firm is briefed to handle matters at the High Court and in addition appeals in the Appellate Courts.




Corporate Commercial  & Finance Practice

  • Capital Market Services

Our firm is fully licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as Capital Market Solicitors. We are therefore able to handle matters in the area of capital markets, venture capital and unit trusts.

The firm acts as solicitors to issuing houses, companies and State Governments involved in raising funds on the capital market.

We extend the scope of services to the preparation of prospectus, underwriting agreements, vending agreements, placement memoranda and trust deeds. Our advice is sought on matters relating to compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission Act, Rules and other listing requirements.

  • Corporate Finance and Banking Services

Securities and lending of all forms of assets require specialist legal services. The firm has prepared and perfected purpose structured security and financial documentations, including individual and syndicated loan agreements, mortgages, debentures and other form of security on real property and chattels’; guarantees and indemnities; and project refinancing agreements.

Banks, other professionals, foreign entities and financial institutions regularly instruct our firm on these kinds of transactions.

  • Corporate Restructuring Services

We proffer legal advice on merges and acquisitions, takeovers, and management buy-out of corporations and companies. These services are extended to asset and liability structuring joint ventures, capital and share rights transfers, insolvency practice, receivership and related areas.

  • Company Secretarial Services

The firm is also engaged to incorporate Companies and Associations for Nigerian and Foreigners and also to act as Companies Secretaries to such companies with the responsibility of issuing notices of meetings, siting at their meeting and keeping their statutory books.

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Services

We have robust knowledge in this area of practice and the firm works closely with its clients to ensure adequate protection of their ideas, concepts, know-how’s or other industrial processes. In this regards we render opinion to protect the unprotected intellectual asset 

We register trade names, marks, designs and patent right for clients from around the world and also render watch services for Clients. 

  • Construction and Real Estate

The firm has an established practice of advising Multinationals, financial institutions, investors, developers, construction companies and individual clients on Construction Projects. Paying special attention to ever changing regulations, local customs and financing requirements, our attorneys provides proficient representation in all aspect of Construction Law including oil and gas support constructions services, real property acquisition/development, negotiating ground leases, structuring rights of way licenses, easements and servitudes, zoning construction, occupation, leasing and mortgages.

Members of the firm have particular experience in investigating and deducing title, preparing and perfecting interest in and rights over land and obtaining government consent and approval incidental to these transactions.

Amongst other functions, the firm conducts compensation claims and is involved in the settlement of disputes relating to land. Such disputes are sometimes resolved by arbitration.


Energy and Natural Resources Practice

  • Oil and Gas

Our clients include a number of Private and Public Oil and Gas Companies in the related services industries both indigenous and foreign that require advice on various aspects of Nigerian Law.

We carry out a wide variety of corporate work for these clients essentially as solicitors involved in the preparation of specialist contracts and agreements or the obtaining of various government consents, clearances, licenses and resolution of joint venture partners’ disputes.

  • Power

We advise clients who are interested in Power Projects in Nigeria and we are able to lead them through the development and management of the life cycle of their power projects by developing sustainable purchase agreements. 



Regulatory Compliance and  Governance Practice

  • Taxation Advisory Services

We have lawyers who are members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and are able to render opinions and handles tax matters. The firm also maintains close contacts with tax authorities, management consultants, accounts and auditors. We upon instruction advise individuals, estates, indigenous and overseas companies and corporations on tax laws.

  • Corporate Governance Framework

We work with Private companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange to develop their Corporate Governance Framework which will engender robust and sustainable growth in the Company. 

  • Immigrations Services

We help foreigners wishing to do business in Nigeria obtain expatriate quota, residential permit and business permit from the Nigerian Immigration Service. We also offer advice on tax holidays. For Nigerians wishing to travel to the United Kingdom whom have applied for visa and have been denied same, we represent them at the Appeal Panel in the United Kingdom and Nigeria and have vast experience in handling such matters.

  • Environmental Law

We refer advice on the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector, advising on joint venture arrangements and legal documentation such as operating agreements, advising on compliance with the regulatory regime and environmental regulations, procuring requisite and license, applications for conversions of OPLs to OMLs, advice on labor issues and community claims.

We have written opinions on industrial pollution, planning law and have been involved in the development of the process of Environmental Impact Assessment in association with the litigation department which  instituted proceedings against a government parastatal delegated with the responsibility of monitoring the suitability and standards or otherwise of manufactured products in the country.

Our involvement in environmental law has extended further to offering advice on solid waste management and nuisance. We continue to advise corporate bodies on environmental law as it impacts upon their business.


Our firm is also involved in the arrest and release of ships and claims by cargo owners, freight forwarders, stevedores and government agencies. Partners have been involved in arbitration and admiralty proceedings concerning commercial admiralty transactions.

The enactment of the Coastal and Inland Shipping Act (Cabotage) in Nigeria portends a future of trade growth and prosperity for indigenous shipping industry participants. The Act restricts the use of foreign vessels in domestic coastal trade in order to promote the development of indigenous tonnage and capacity.

With the introduction of the Cabotage Act, the firm assists clients in uncovering many of the benefits of Cabotage laws, including local vessel ownership requirements. The firm is positioned to also assist Nigerian clients enter Cabotage –complaint joint venture agreements with foreign partners and to facilitate important relationships and access to international vessel finance.

The firm also represents foreign clients seeking certain waivers and other legal assistance.

The firm also assists airline clients with the whole gamut of issues concerning regulatory compliance licenses and permits, aircraft finance and disposals.